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Full Animations

Here are some of the animations presented in my reel with their respective audio. If you expand the slideshow, you can read more about each one and what they were for (animation for The Fool's Gambit is below)

The Fool's Gambit

This was the capstone film I was recruited on for my senior year at SCAD. We had around nine months to complete a three minute short film, and ours was about a jester named Chuckle who swaps roles with Har the Guard for the King's 100th birthday party to compete for who has the harder job. Obviously, chaos ensues (expand for responsibilities).

When We Sleep 

I was recruited to help with cleanup on a capstone film all about the things that people dream about. The cleanup process was a unique one for its mostly lineless style with lined accents, which were left up to cleanup artists to best decide where these accents with.

The Little Florist

For a collaboration class, our story was about a cat who drives cuustomers away from his owner's flower shop. When he realizes his actions, he tries to help tidy up the shop and help out. I helped out with rough animation during the beginning of production and then did cleanup and color near the end of production (expand to check responsibilites).